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Institute of Social Science Survey

The Institute of Social Science Survey (ISSS) of Peking University was established in September 2006. It is a data survey platform for social sciences at Peking University and an interdisciplinary platform for empirical research on social issues in China. The Center currently undertakes three large-scale social survey projects – China Family Dynamic Tracking Survey, China Health Pension Tracking Survey and Chinese Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Survey. The purpose of the China Family Dynamic Tracking Survey and the China Health Pension Tracking Survey are to collect high-quality micro-data reflecting the state of our people's livelihood, to analyze social and people's livelihood issues, to provide a basis for policy formulation, and to promote social, economic, and social Interdisciplinary research such as education. The center has a professional social science survey team that uses the latest computer-aided survey system to ensure the quality of survey data.

In 2014, the Center was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and established the National Natural Science Foundation of China - Peking University Management Science Data Center. It is a major project support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China for the Peking University China Social Science Research Center, and also serves the National Management Science. Data collection and data service centers. Based on the original data collection, the data center expands the platform functions of data services and think tank research. In terms of data collection, while running CFPS and CHARLS, the data center also carried out data survey projects in different fields. In terms of data services, the China survey data database relies on the “Peking University Open Research Data Platform” to establish a database data space. Data release and services, currently published data includes CFPS and CHARLS data. The Center think tank aims to build an open, interdisciplinary research platform, aiming to promote the use of scientific quantitative research methods to develop and utilize quantitative data based on high-quality data resources such as CFPS and CHARLS, and to target national economic and social The major needs of management are actively providing policy recommendations with empirical evidence for national development.

In addition, the center also forms an advisory body with Peking University and experts and scholars from home and abroad to provide consultation for the academic development of the center and help design technical aspects such as sampling and questionnaires. The Center organizes experts and scholars to use the data to write research reports. At present, it has published three reports of “China Minsheng”, and will publish the “China Income Status Report”, “China Education Development Report” and “China Family Dynamic Report”.