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On the basis of the pre-investigation of Jiangmen in Guangdong and Xiazhang in Henan in 2016, the China Social Science Research Center of Peking University completed the Henan Provincial Survey of Chinese Enterprises' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Survey from July 24 to August 12, 2017. The survey was conducted in 16 counties (cities, districts) of Henan Province (one city, four municipal districts, and 11 counties), and Professor Zhang Xiaobo of Peking University National Development Research Institute served as PI.

The sampling design of this trial survey is based on the private enterprises established in Henan Province from 2010 to 2016. 16 counties (cities, districts) are selected from 158 counties (cities, districts) in Henan Province as sample districts (also known as CFPS). Sample districts and counties), each county (city, district) draws 400 samples (including 5,120 company-owned enterprises and 1,280 industrial and commercial households) totaling 6,400 samples. The contents of this pilot survey mainly include seven aspects of entrepreneurial entrepreneurial history, enterprise creation process, basic enterprise information, enterprise innovation, inter-firm relationship and business environment. The survey actually interviewed 1,619 samples, accounting for 25.30% of the total sample. Among them, 1,209 companies were completed, accounting for 24.02% of the company-owned enterprises. This visit rate is higher than the corporate survey of the World Bank (20%) and Germany ZEW (22%).

In 2018, the Center plans to expand the sample of Chinese enterprises' innovation and entrepreneurship surveys nationwide to obtain more comprehensive information about entrepreneurial innovations in Chinese companies.